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Millard Fillmore: All New! Now Featuring Less Features!
More Photographs


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This is Photograph Page 2.


Damitol @ New Brookland Tavern, May 19, 2001. Note the large monitor speaker. John is less than an hour away from landing on top of it with great force. Photo by Eric Group.

He can kick Neil Peart's ass.

He sings, he dances, he plays drums, he stands on his head. Jason Mullinax rocks the Millard Fillmore Ranch. Photo by Eric Group.

Damitol again.

Spencer's inner demon attempts to break free while he is distracted by a wailing guitar solo. Photo by Eric Group.


Mandible group shot, May 2001. From left to right: Jason Mullinax, John Albrecht, Michael Coleman, Spence Madsen, Jason Tremblay. Photo by Eric Group.

Damitol May 2001

Damitol gets psychedelic at New Brookland Tavern. Yup, Eric Group took this one, too.

Yes, Wild Turkey.

Here we see Spencer Madsen in a rare moment. He is playing the guitar, but he does not have on his "rock face" (see above photo for the "rock face"). Photo by Eric Group.

Remember Maverick, you screw up just this much and you'll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong.