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Updated February 19, 2003


Magic Johnson Ride: 
2/21 @ La Tuna, Lancaster SC
3/25 @ New Brookland Tavern, Columbia SC-- as part of the USC sponsored Carolina Homegrown Concert Series



Millard Fillmore Gossip

Damitol broke up after 4 years, much to my disappointment.  Official reason: Spencer quit to concentrate on Mandible.  Unofficial reason: Everyone had something better to do except for me.  Story of my life.  Anyway, moving on.....
Magic Johnson Ride: I'm doing my first show at a non-rock type show in Lancaster on friday with a bunch of DJs.  I've always thought the electronic music crowd would recieve what I do a little better than rock fans, so we'll see how that goes.
Still haven't heard about MJR getting into the music crawl yet.  Fingers still crossed, I'd really like to play it.
Speaking of concerts, I'll be running sound at one of the 2 main stages in Five Points on St. Patties Day this year.  Come say hello.
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