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Millard Fillmore: Music of the Future
Recordings For Sale


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An address to which you can send your money is forthcoming, but for now just email us, and we can wheel and deal. Also keep an eye or two out for the upcoming Millard Fillmore Sampler CD.

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Magic Johnson Ride: Rage Against the Answering Machine

John from Damitol has a digital sampler, and he can do strange and wonderful things with it. This CD consists of recordings done over the past three years, mostly electronic, mostly noisy, with a smattering of guitars here and there. $5.00


Damitol, Limited CD

Catchy melodies, wankadelic guitars, pure pop/rock/metal. This is a new recording featuring some of the original songs, some new. The first self titled Damitol CD (with the guy swinging the hammer on the cover) is now out of print. This one is better, and cheaper. $3

Meat Whistle Anthology CD

Mike, Spencer, John, and Jason started out as Meat Whistle way back in 1997. They recorded a lot of stuff but only played one show. Now you too can here the roots of what is now Millard Fillmore, as soon as John finishes mixing the damn thing. Coming soon....

Meat Whistle Home Video

Live at New Brookland Tavern, December 23, 1998. 30 minutes of improvisation, featuring future members of Mandible and Damitol. Bonus music video included. US$8.00 VHS/NTSC format.

Coming Soon:
More CD releases from MFR artists, including Karakul, Zenathsmatic, Pilesar, and a Mandible remix disc by John Albrecht. Also live videos of Damitol and Mandible. We'll make sure you have enough product selections, worthy consumer.

More Mandible Than You Can Handible

Mandible: Ether/Ore EP

A 5-song EP of what most closely resembles the live Mandible experience. Guitars wail, drums pound, vocals soar. You will be rocked. $3

Mandible: Orpheus

Mandible's debut CD, and a concept album/rock opera no less. This was recorded before the first Mandible show, and when they were only a duo. Strange, scattered, often incoherent, but strangely cohesive when listened to without interuption from start to finish. It tells the story of Orpheus the Pig, and his many adventures. US$5

Mandible, Art Nada CD, coming soon

More music from Columbia's pretentious art rock fags. It's finished, but it needs artwork and duplication so hang on a few weeks.....