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Millard Fillmore: Music of the Future
Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: Is this under construction?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: How many people are involved with Millard Fillmore?
A: At the last count, there were about 12. This includes girlfriends of band members.

Q: Why have I not heard of most of these bands?
A: Damitol, Mandible, and The Fuckin' Sissies play shows here in Columbia and elsewhere in the state. The 'other' bands are mostly studio side projects of their various members. CDs from all of them are forthcoming.

Q: Who records the music?
A: Millard Fillmore is blessed with several members who are above average sound engineers. Collectively, they have enought know-how and equipment to produce solid musical products for public consumption.

Q: Why do they call you "kids" on the Free Times message boards?
A: We don't know. The youngest person involved with MF is 19, the oldest is 30. The average age is 23-24.

Q: Where can I get a freakin' CD?
A: Buy one at one of our shows, or email us at one of the many convenient email links scattered around the site.

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