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Millard Fillmore: Music of the Future
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So what the hell is up with all these other "bands"?

We have asked all the various combinations of people involved in other MFR projects to come up with some brief information, and as we get it, it will be posted. Here is what we have so far:

Magic Johnson Ride: One member of Damitol armed with a sampler and four track. Mostly electronic, very noisy. His CD "Rage Against the Answering Machine" is a loose concept album revolving around, yes, the answering machine.

Karakul: Restoration and reissue of the seminal 70's band's finest works by Michael Coleman of Mandible, the new copyright-holder!

Zenathsmatic: Random ambient electronic music. Found-sound manipulations. A table full of electronic gadgets and pedals, a CD/tape/radio unit, and a drum machine. Features two members of Mandible.

Pilesar: Picture a really horny, pissed off elf. Features a member of Mandible.

Meat Whistle: RIP. Existed throughout 1997 and 1998. Recorded a LOT of material, yet only played on show on December 23, 1998. This was videotaped and is available for you to buy. The remaining sound recordings have yet to be digitally mixed, but will evetually be released. Why is Meat Whistle important? Michael, Spencer, Jason, and John (the core members of Millard Fillmore) were its members. This band broke a lot of new musical ground for those involved. May someday reunite.

Damitol, Mandible, and The Fuckin' Sissies have their own websites. Go to our links page.


"Uh, huh huh, I want to be, like, your president and stuff"
"Hm, yeah, yeah Bushhead!"

Some of you may have seen the new Millard Fillmore crossbreed Pretendo November 15th with Damitol and Bobby Conn. They are very low profile drum machine/bass/guitar prog rock. Girls think sexy.

I still hate you.