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Millard Fillmore: All New! Now Featuring Less Features!
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Here is some music I try to pimp.  For info on how to get some of it, click the email link below.  This stuff is pretty cheap, and I'm willing to trade.  I'm not in this for the money, obviously.

Magic Johnson Ride: Rage Against the Answering Machine

John from Damitol has a digital sampler, and he can do strange and wonderful things with it. This CD consists of recordings done from 1997-2000 , mostly electronic, mostly noisy, with a smattering of guitars here and there. $5



Damitol, Limited CD

Catchy melodies, wankadelic guitars, pure pop/rock/metal. This is a new recording featuring some of the original songs, some new. The first self titled Damitol CD (with the guy swinging the hammer on the cover) is now out of print. This one is better, and cheaper. $3

Karakul CD cover

Karakul rocks. It's Michael Coleman of Nothing Inside, and is only available through DarkRealm Multimedia. To buy one, go here:


More Mandible Than You Can Handible

For information about Mandible releases, visit their website at  At this point I don't even know if Mandible wants to stay involved with Millard Fillmore or not.