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Millard Fillmore: We Like Hashbrowns.
Frequently Asked Questions


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Partially compiled from actual questions emailed to us.
To ask us a question, or to get specific information posted on this page, email us.

Q: Is this under construction?
A: Duh. Yes, it is.

Q: How many people are involved with Millard Fillmore?
A: At the last count, there were about 16. This includes girlfriends of band members and pets as well.

Q: Why have I not heard of most of these bands?
A: Because you are culturally illiterate. Damitol, Mandible, and The Fuckin' Sissies play shows here in Columbia and elsewhere in the state. The 'other' bands are mostly studio side projects of their various members. CDs from all of them are forthcoming.

Q: Who records the music?
A: Millard Fillmore is blessed with several members who are above average sound engineers. Collectively, they have enought know-how and equipment to produce solid musical products for public consumption.

Q: Why do they call you "kids" on the Free Times message boards?
A: We don't know. The youngest person involved with MF is 19, the oldest is 30. The average age is 23-24.

Q: Where can I get a freakin' CD?
A: Buy one at one of our shows, or email us at one of the many convenient email links scattered around the site.

Q: Why haven't you released anything new lately?
A: Give us a freaking break man. We all have jobs, some of us more than one. This is all done in our spare time since we make no money at it. But keep your eyes open, about every month or so we'll have something new for you to consume.

Q: What is the Millard Fillmore Ranch and where is it located?
A: The Ranch is our secret recording studio, practice space, survival bunker, and sex dungeon. It is located inside a hollowed out extinct volcano in downtown Cayce, SC. We cannot reveal its exact location due to security concerns.

Q: Who/what is BoneKrusher?
A: BoneKrusher(tm) is Mandible's mascot, roadie, and manservant. He was discovered living in a cave while we were blasting to make the control room at The Ranch. He was quickly captured and enslaved, but his ability to entertain Mandible's fans saved him from lifelong labor in the Millard Fillmore Salt Mines. No one knows his true identity, but it is known that he was raised by a family of badgers.

Q: I want my band to play a show with one of the Millard Fillmore projects, either in my town or in Columbia. What do I do?
A: Click one of the many email links around this site, and get in touch with us. We are super-cool people and we'd love to help you get a show, we'd love even more to play out side of this stinking cesspool you people call Columbia.

Q: Why is John such a badass?
A: He plays bass in Damitol, he is the force behind Magic Johnson Ride, he runs sound at Uncle Doctors, he can record your band, he does this website(obviously), and he is just a bad motherfucker in general. Yes, I said 'a bad motherfucker'.

Let Millard Fillmore play your child's next birthday party!

We'll also play bar-mitzvahs, frat parties, bachelor parties, any event requiring loud obnoixious music. See email link.