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Millard Fillmore: We Like Hashbrowns.


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Millard Fillmore MP3s:

Ok, this is still under construction, and will always be, because we are always making music. All we have right now is a few MJR tracks and a few Mandible tracks, but rare stuff from Damitol is on the way, as well as newer stuff from The Quagmire, Pilesar, and The Fuckin' Sissies. Patience is a virtue.

Magic Johnson Ride, from the CD "Rage Against the Answering Machine", copyright 2000. Written and produced by John Albrecht. See links page for more information and MJR site.

This Time We're Gonna Win

Mandible - "Socialize", recorded live at Mother McCree's 5/19/01 by Chuck Medes. Copyright 2001.


Thank you for your continued patience. It pleases us to please you, our fans and consumers of our products.